Will Warzone Mobile Be Free For Android and iOS?

Who else doesn’t love the Call of Duty Games? With some of the flagship games on PD and consoles, Activision stepped into the mobile gaming industry with their flagship game COD Mobile. Now they are again trying to capture this mobile gaming industry with their other flagship game WARZONE!

Warzone mobile is a new Call of Duty game developed specifically for smartphones. It is a Battle Royale game that offers players intense and fast-paced Battle Royale across iconic locations from the franchise. It also features intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface mostly inspired by the flagship Warzone Game.

When is it coming Out?

The game is available in some countries but it will be rolled out to other regions and iOS soon. If you want to try the game beforehand, you can download the Warzone Apk & play the game.

How to Download Warzone Mobile on iPhone

You can then download it from the Google Play or iOS App store. Before downloading the game on your Android, you must know some risks of using a new app or game. Downloading a VPN when downloading new software or apps is always a good idea, as these will help bypass the location restriction.

COD Warzone Android

How to Install Warzone Mobile on Android

To get the game on your Android phone, you’ll need to install an apk file. The game is free to download, but you can purchase a battle pass to access new weapons, skins, and XP bonuses.

If you’re an iPhone owner and want to play Warzone mobile, you can do so by downloading the BR version of the game. You must set up an Apple Australian account and activate a VPN.

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When is the New update coming?

Recently the admin of Warzone Mobile posted in an online forum stating that the game will slowly roll in new regions; this time, they might release the game in areas where many users are available.

It is also expected that game might be released in India, where many users are available. Like this, the developers can check the game’s performance and get the e feedback from many gamers.

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